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Fire Station #31

Recently, I met with seniors at the Sandy Senior Center and a question came up about the bond for Fire Station #31. When the City Council began discussing the challenges our fire department was facing, the need for a new fire station surfaced as a top priority. As such, I quickly became a strong advocate for rebuilding the station. I recognized the need to provide a safe working environment for the members of our fire department who experience the station as their second home. I embraced the need for a station that would house the type of ladder trucks that are necessary should a fire occur in one of the taller buildings located downtown.

When the mayor proposed her budget, bonding for Fire Station #31 was included in the property tax she wanted to impose on Sandy City residents. The tax increase would continue into perpetuity unless the City Council took action to revoke the tax increase once the bond was paid off.

I was opposed to this approach to bonding for Fire Station #31. You should decide if you are willing to pay more in taxes to rebuild the station. A tax increase should not be forced upon you. Additionally, I wanted the bond to sunset once it is paid off. In other words, the tax increase would automatically end. No action would be needed.

In an effort to fight for taxpayers, I brought forward a resolution for a General Obligation Bond. Gratefully, my resolution was supported by a majority of my colleagues on the City Council and the revenue bond proposed by the mayor in her budget was removed. Because of my efforts and the support of a majority of my colleagues, you will have the opportunity to vote on a ballot proposition to build a new fire station. You can read more about that ballot proposition here.

I will continue to advocate for sound policy that protects the taxpayer while addressing the needs of the city.

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