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Proud to have led the charge to support our first responders without raising taxes.

I unequivocally support our first responders. That is why during this year's budget deliberations, I proposed a cost of living increase, a market increase and a step & grade pay plan to support our first responders without raising taxes on families impacted by inflation, seniors with a fixed income and single parent households.

Understanding the pressing need for a new fire station to replace our current station #31, I passed a resolution to come before voters for funding via a general obligation bond. Voters will see this bond on the ballot in November.

Additionally, I championed the following investments in our police and fire departments:

  • $1.94 million mid fiscal year investment in a compensation plan to increase pay for our police department with a $2.26 million investment every year since
  • $1.17 million in the fire department payroll to be used for staffing
  • Step and grade increases for the sworn officers in our police and fire departments
  • Increased overall compensation by 9%

Finally, one aspect of the investment the city makes in employee wellness (including first responders) is paying 100% of the cost of insurance premiums for the employee as well as any dependents. This commitment to the wellness of our employees is a significant investment and is likely unmatched in the private sector. I am committed to continuing this type of complete coverage.

I am grateful to first responders and their families for the service they provide to residents. As a city leader, safety is my top priority. I am committed to supporting first responders through a competitive compensation plan without unnecessarily raising taxes on the members of the community who are struggling under the weight of inflation.

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