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My father made the Army his career and as a result I have lived in many communities--inside and outside of our country. Despite our many moves, I always felt a sense of belonging in every community. This was due to the anchor my family provided for me and the intentional effort made by the Army to build a welcoming culture for families. The surroundings may have "looked different" but I always had a sense of familiarity and safety, regardless of where I lived.

Though Sandy City would not be considered a military community, it nonetheless is quite intentional in maintaining a similar culture--a culture that signals "You are welcome here. You are safe here. You belong here." Our family experienced this culture upon moving here. We were welcomed with open arms and quickly felt like we were a part of the community.

I want to continue serving on the City Council because I am grateful to have added Sandy City to the list of communities that I call home. Sandy City is a wonderful community and I am anxious to contribute in a positive manner. I care about Sandy City, our current residents and our future residents. I want to help not only maintain this welcoming culture but also further strengthen it. I want to ensure that all residents feel the sense of belonging and safety that they deserve. I want to invite residents to play an active role in strengthening our community so that the next generation of Sandy City residents continue to benefit from our warm and welcoming culture. Together, we can ensure that all residents know they are welcome, they are safe and they belong.

Friends of Marci Houseman
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